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1. If order placed by customer does not include any type of promotions or discounts customer will receive full refund for the item, that is the price paid by the customer e.g., Item’s original price (price shown on our website).

2. If order placed by the customer includes any kind of promotions or discounts, the calculated price paid by customer for the item is adjusted accordingly. Customer should check their order summary under their account to check how much was the amount paid after discount.


  • If you want to return the item and looking for the refund, you must follow our Return Policy. We can only process returns that adhere to our Return policy.
  • To be eligible for refund, Conditions of our return policy must be fulfilled.
  • Items on clearance cannot be returned or exchanged. Refunds will not be issued.
  • Shipping cost paid by customer is not considered as the part of the Item’s price, hence not eligible for refund.
  • Refunds will only be transferred back to the original mode of payment used by the customer when order was initially placed. In case there is a situation that require to make refunds to another Account, Kiddo Nation would be happy to provide refund as a voucher instead to maintain the security. Otherwise, a written consent with valid identity will be required to change the destination of refund other than the original method used to buy the item.

*Kiddo Nation reserves the right to final interpretation of the above provisions.
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